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Yard Waste Policy
Please be advised that the Prince George’s County Department of Environmental Resources (DER) is reminding residents of a new law that went into effect on January 1, 2014 prohibiting the use of plastic bags for yard waste collection. In accordance with County law CB-87-2012, residents who bag their yard waste must put the yard waste out for pickup in paper bags or reusable containers with sturdy handles and tight-fitting lids that are marked “YARD WASTE.” Plastic Bags with yard will not be picked up. All other collection requirements will stay the same.
New Yard Waste Laws
Paper yard bags are available in most home improvement, retail and grocery stores and are often sold in bundles of five for approximately $2 a pack. Reusable containers can be purchased for $10 to $20 and may be used for many years. Residents are also encouraged to compost leaves in their backyards or chop them with a mulching mower. For residents tight on space, collapsible, reusable containers can be brought for a little more. A minimal grace period will be provided during the transition but residents are strongly encouraged to start the new practice of placing their yard waste debris in paper bags or reusable containers as soon as possible.
For more information on how to prepare yard waste for collection, visit the Prince George's County Waste Management Page or